The ART of BUSINESS - Warrington Is Happening


A thriving arts and cultural scene can both support and stimulate business as well as creating a positive outlook for a destination. Creativity is the cornerstone of entrepreneurialism, with new ideas comes new opportunities, new jobs and a more sustainable town.

Warrington has a strong musical and arts heritage – these put Warrington on the map and help us to compete with our neighbouring cities – we want to invest in the future of Warrington’s creativity that will see our communities continue to thrive.

Art plays an important role in enriching lives and promoting a healthier and more sustainable society.  It connects communities by giving people a reason to leave the house and come together to experience something unique – research by the Arts Council found that those who had attended a cultural place or event were 60 per cent more likely to report good health! Let’s face it, businesses rely on happy, healthy people to work for them and also to buy their wares – so it makes perfect sense for local business to champion the arts.

For these reasons the BID was keen to support to this year’s Contemporary Arts Festival. Our funding helped the team at Culture Warrington to secure additional funds from the Arts Council England and Warrington Borough Council, which has allowed them to launch their most ambitious programme to date.

Culture Warrington is bringing internationally renowned installations to Warrington, so instead of having to visit Manchester or Liverpool, locals can enjoy quality art on their doorstep!

By creating a diverse programme that has everything from live theatre to exhibitions, yoga sessions and a silent disco – there really is something for everyone and we’re confident that the festival will attract people from outside of the area, giving local businesses a substantial boost as visitors eat, drink and stay in our town.

Investing in artistic experiences is an investment in our future and is key to a sustainable and resilient town centre – where businesses and people can grow.