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Warrington Tops Footfall Chart

Warrington tops footfall recovery chart as figures rise by another 6% week on week

The Centre for Cities released statistics at the end of June which positioned Warrington as having the highest increase in footfall since the lock down was released and non-essential retail began to reopen. According to the report large towns and smaller cities are generally having faster recoveries due to the concentration of shops and jobs in a single city centre, whereas large cities have multiple neighbourhoods spread across the city-region. After Warrington, the English cities and large towns with the most footfall include Hull, Telford, Bournemouth and Sunderland.

Warrington BID Manager, Harriet Roberts said: ‘The slow, steady upturn in the number of visitors is a sign that people are feeling confident in the measures that have been put in place to make the town centre safer and that as a partnership, we have got the messaging right across all our channels. This has included a campaign in the Warrington Guardian coordinated by Warrington Borough Council urging local people to come back to support our businesses.

‘We are all working together to position the spotlight on those people behind the headlines who are still in the eye of the storm and adjusting to new ways of working to create a Covid-19 secure, safer environment for customers and staff.’‘Samantha Fenwick, BBC Radio 4’s ‘You and Yours’ presenter chose to come to Warrington this week to report on the safe reopening of our hospitality venues on Saturday. With the launch of Warrington’s new market this week, amidst the challenges there is a cautious sense of optimism and hope on the high street.’ 
Cllr Tom Jennings, Chair of Supporting the Local Economy Policy CommitteeBewsey & Whitecross Ward who is also on the board of Warrington BID said: ‘Having one of the highest increases in footfall with rising average spend reported, shows how vital collaboration is between businesses and partners to keep people safe whilst encouraging them to spend well. The Council will continue to play its part in helping establishments get back to business.’